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Lyceum School No. 70

I (hereinafter referred to as the Subject), acting freely, of my own free will and in my own interest, give specific, informed and conscious consent to the collection and processing of my personal data.

This Consent applies to the following personal data:

- Last name, First name, Patronymic;
- Email address;
- Mobile phone.

This Consent is granted for the implementation of any actions with respect to my personal data that are necessary to achieve the following goals, including: collection, accumulation, storage, modification, addition, use, dissemination, ensuring the protection of personal data, as well as the implementation of any other actions with my personal data in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Consent to the processing of Personal Data is given by me for the following purposes:

- Fulfillment of obligations to me, feedback from me, including sending notifications, requests, informational messages for the purpose of providing services, as well as for sending emails and other forms of sending/receiving information by phone or email address, as well as for processing requests and applications from me;
- Statistical and marketing research;
- For conducting marketing events, sending advertising messages and offers to personal data subjects to participate in special promotions and events.

This consent has been issued without limitation of its validity, but no longer than is provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or for the purposes of collecting and processing personal data.

Consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked by me at any time during its validity by sending a letter containing a written message with a corresponding request (request) to the email address: [EMAIL] marked "request for personal data" and specifying the "website address".